360 Booth (Partner Rental)

Provided by DME Services & Rentals, LLC, the 360 Booth is the trendiest and hottest item currently in the event entertainment market! The booth consists of a standing platform and a motorized selfie stick with lighting that circles the platform and creates various versions of small video clips for sharing – from slo-mo to boomerang videos.

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Discover an array of exclusive rental options provided by our trusted partner, DME Services & Rentals, LLC. Enhance your events with exciting features like the captivating 360 booth, magical magic mirror, versatile booth and inflatable tent combo, and the popular magic mirror and 360 booth combo, among others.

Dive into the diverse selection available for your event needs by checking out DME’s website using the link above. With these premium rental choices, your event is bound to shine and leave a lasting impact on your guests.

Elevate your next event experience with McGee Entertainment and Events and DME Services & Rentals, LLC.